It's 2018, and Somehow Woody Woodpecker Is Getting a Reboot

Woody Woodpecker fighting, uh, aliens? Is that what he does?
Woody Woodpecker fighting, uh, aliens? Is that what he does?
Image: NBCUniversal

Nothing is sacred; everything is just wood, waiting to be pecked.

Not that Woody Woodpecker, the beloved cartoon creature whose largest personality traits are 1) being a cartoon character and 2) being a woodpecker, and 3) being David Lynch’s mortal enemy was necessarily sacred. But he’s not exactly who I’d guess would be getting a reboot, y’know?


But according to Comic Book Resources, that’s exactly what’s happening. The NBC-owned character’s classic shorts were put on YouTube last year by Universal and apparently did so well, particularly in South America, that NBCUniversal has decided to make more of them, alongside a documentary about the character’s history.

The new shorts will be 10 minutes in length and five in total. No release date as of yet, but there is, improbably, a trailer. Woody Woodpecker fans, your (unlikely) time has come.

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Jay Ackroyd

New episodes dont constitute a reboot. Woodys redesign from the 40s to the fifties was significant, but I dont think they even called it a reboot back then.