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It's 2014 -- does the term "geek" really have any meaning anymore?

Illustration for article titled Its 2014 -- does the term geek really have any meaning anymore?

Periodically you have to ask this question again. Geeks aren't just running some of the world's biggest companies — they're also the heroes of mega-hit TV series like Big Bang Theory; and, in the post-Snowden world, they're international political subversives. So what the hell is a geek anymore?


Has the term "geek" just become a way of talking about what people are like in the twenty-first century? Or is there still a geek subculture that will never become mainstream? I am genuinely torn, and would love to know what you think.

Including links, pictures and video with your answers is always helpful (and more amusing)!

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Corpore Metal

Speaking as a person of this nature, I avoid using the label "geek." Geeks are people who hammer nails up their nose, bite the heads off chickens or shoot cannon balls at their bellies for circus sideshows. I avoid dork (Because in some dialects of English it means "penis" and as such, shuts out the gals.), drip, loser and so on.

I much pefer terms that, to my mind, suggest high intelligence. I prefer "nerd" it's a much more recent pedigree and, to my mind, has strong social stigma attached to it. Or Poindexter, dweeb, egghead, bookish, etc.

I'd say that the mere fact that "geek" has eroded and become definitionally vague is all the more reason to stop using it and instead favor the term "nerd."