It Wouldn't Have Been Nearly as Horrifying If This Was the Opening Scene

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It is available on digital download today. It includes several deleted and extended scenes, including one that was never in the film at all.

We’re referring to this alternate opening, which we kind of ruined yesterday. Plus, if you think about it, you’ll see where it’s going but... the fact this was even shot is just brilliant. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the clip.


Funny, right? This obviously was shot only for this purpose and I love that kind of foresight. To be able to take arguably the most impactful and violent moment of the movie and turn it on its head just for a DVD goof is pretty cool.

You can read more about the other deleted scenes, including an alternate ending, in the below links. It will be on Blu-ray January 8. Chapter 2 opens September 6, 2019.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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I have no interest in seeing “It” but would watch the hell out of a movie about a malevolent supernatural clown that can’t quite manage to kill or terrorize anybody.