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This November, the Twilight franchise will end once and for all with Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Unhappy about losing their cash cow, Lionsgate is allegedly furiously looking for a way to keep the $2-billion franchise afloat, even if that means redoing the entire thing with a whole new cast.


Bloody Disgusting reports that the studio is "already discussing it internally. It will happen." But they're not sure what form the new Twilight movies will take ("It could be a direct remake [...] but then again it could also be a spinoff or maybe even a one-off sequel.")

Deadline followed up this news by contacting the studio and reporting that the rumor was false. This prompted Bloody Disgusting to update their headline as follows, "Update: Lionsgate Plans On Remaking ‘Twilight.' It's True. They'll Deny It. But It's True." Ha!


Do we need more dour 107-year-old adults in heartthrob bodies befriending boringly average teenagers and lurking around America's public schools? Goodness, no. But we tend to agree with Bloody Disgusting — there's no way people will stop milking this cash cow.

Lionsgate Co-Chairman Rob Friedman further told Deadline, "We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephenie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change." Who do you believe? Before Deadline posted their debunking, Bloody Disgusting said that the studio would "deny it, right here, right now. We'll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it's true."

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