It Was Paul Bettany All Along

You got us all, Paul.
You got us all, Paul.
Photo: Marvel

For weeks, WandaVision star Paul Bettany has been teasing a huge cameo as the Disney+ Marvel show came to a close: an actor he’d never worked with before, had always admired, and found great chemistry with. As expected, the quote blew the internet up with fan theories and discussions. But as the show’s penultimate episode ended, and a new “character” emerged, people started to rethink things.

Advertisement Bettany couldn’t have been just talking about himself right? Yes. Yes, he could. Sing it with us now. “It was Paul Bettany all a loooooong.”

After a week of fans theorizing that Bettany had been pulling everyone’s chain, the actor confirmed today that he was actually joking about Vision talking to White Vision on the Disney-owned morning show Good Morning America. Here’s the clip.

Some fans are still holding out hope there’s a cameo due to the last question in that clip, but we’re pretty sure Bettany is being honest here. At least for his part. This doesn’t mean the series won’t still surprise us with someone else.

The WandaVision finale debuts at midnight PST on Disney+. We’ll have our recap up like usual tomorrow, but keep a lookout on io9 tonight for a spoiler zone post so you can get out all your emotions with fellow fans.


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This clip is 71 seconds long. Avengers #71 is when the Black Knight is officially made an Avenger. My uncle’s girlfriend’s hairdresser told me she saw Kit Harrington in Scotland with short hair, which means he is in character.

So book it. The Black Knight comes in at the end.