It Sure Sounds Like Duncan Jones Is Making a Rogue Trooper Movie [UPDATE: He Is]

The Rogue Trooper himself.
Image: 2000 AD

Duncan Jones just posted a tease on his Twitter about his previously revealed comic book movie—and it’s enough of a tease that we’re pretty sure we know what it is.


Did you catch it? After zeroing in on a place—Britain—and a specific universe—2000AD—Jones removes his hat to reveal... a blue mohawk. Look familiar?

(No, it’s not Yondu). It’s actually the haircut of a super soldier from Rogue Trooper.

The cover of a Rogue Trooper collection.
Image: 2000 AD

Rogue Trooper, from the same publisher as Judge Dredd, is the story of Rogue, a blue-skinned supersoldier during a war on Nu-Earth between the Norts and Southers, a horrible scifi conflict that’s a nasty blend of the World Wars and the American Civil War. In the origins of the comic, Rogue and his allies are hunting the Traitor General, a dangerous Souther who massacred his entire regiment of supersoldiers. It’s nasty, exciting stuff.


No word on when or if the movie will enter full production, or who will be doing the producing. But at least now we know what he’ll be working on.


Update: Jones took to Twitter to confirm the suspicions. Yup, this is happening.


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