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It Sucks When Your Body's Previous Occupant Was A Jerk, On The Originals

This is one of those situations they probably have a word for in German. What do you do when you meet your ex-wife, except that her body is now occupied by the sister of the person who was occupying your body until recently? That's the kind of etiquette problem that only The Originals is brave enough to address.


Spoilers ahead...

Last night's "Save My Soul" was all three lost individuals, two of whom are struggling with not being able to remember what their bodies were just doing. There's Vincent, whose body was occupied for nine months by Finn Mikaelson, and now finds himself surrounded by people that Finn hurt in his body. And meanwhile, Rebekah is occupying the body of evil witch Eva, Vincent's ex-wife, and has the opposite problem — she keeps blacking out and having her body taken over by its original owner, who's going all serial killer on the local young witches. Maybe including Davina!


When the two of them finally meet, neither of them able to remember their previous interactions, it's kind of hilarious. But in general, most of the episode is about both of them struggling with the hatred of people they don't remember hurting — for opposite reasons. Rebekah is only borrowing this serial-killer body, while Vincent had a serial killer borrow his body. Basically, the Mikaelsons should stay the fuck out of other people's bodies. Cami, who's always happy to dispense advice of dubious quality, advises Vincent that the only thing to do in this situation is move forward — although Cami then decides to make that more complicated for him by putting her moves on him at the end of the episode.

The third lost person in "Save My Soul" is Freya, the eldest Mikaelson, who wants to team up with Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah against their aunt Dahlia. She tells them all about how Esther gave her away to Dahlia, who enslaved her and used her as a power source. Dahlia made both herself and Freya immortal, but with a terrible catch: they only wake up one year out of every hundred. And Dahlia desperately wanted more Mikaelson first-borns, an ambition that was thwarted when all the other Mikaelsons became vampires, and a pregnant Freya also took poison and gave herself an abortion.

So now Dahlia is coming for Baby Hope, but Klaus can't trust his long lost sister, even though she spends the whole episode — an eternity, on this show! — trying to win his trust. Klaus doesn't trust anyone he can't control, which is why he keeps trying to undermine Jackson, the werewolf alpha married to Hope's baby daddy. Klaus gave a big pep talk to Aidan, the werewolf second-in-command, who didn't get the memo on never trusting anything Klaus says, because he duly goes about trying to turn Jackson's pack against him.

There's frequently a sort of ubermensch-y subtext to Klaus' grandiloquent arrogance, as if his will to power were rationale enough for him to try and control everybody else. Klaus is in control of himself (sort of), and thus he earns the right to exercise power over others. He doesn't have to earn their trust, but they have to earn his. It's sort of interesting to see that mania, in rare form, juxtaposed against two characters who've totally lost all power over their own bodies. (And of course, it's Klaus' fault that Rebekah doesn't get saved from the return of the murderous Eva St. Clair to her body, because Freya is willing to help Rebekah, until Klaus snaps her neck. Oops.)


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Edgar Allan Bro

I was disappointed that Freya's real grudge against Dahlia was over a man. It's like, getting taken from your family and turned into a witch battery and forced to sleep for a century at a time isn't enough of a grievance? No, women need men, and need to have children, and that's the only reason they do things, apparently. At least there's still Cammy.

Also, I think Claudia Black was wasted on Dahlia's lines. Maybe we'll see better dialogue from her in later episodes.