It’s the zombie asshole mini-apocalypse in the Grimm finale

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I wouldn’t exactly say Grimm’s season 2 finale was disappointing, but for those looking for the mythology-building of the mid-season premiere, you’re out of luck. Still, “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm” was action-packed and fun, and that’s all I really ask out of Grimm.


The episode is mostly about Baron Samedi’s (I refuse to call him by his Wesen name, Cracher-Mortel) zombies, who aren’t zombies are much as they are drunken soccer hooligans. Samedi unleashes them upon Portland, clearly at the behest of Renard’s brother Eric for some unspecified reason (it will be specified later). The crime wave of crazy people breaking shit and throwing people through windows and such depletes the Portland PD, although Wu obviously takes it in stride.

Nick and Juliette have an evening of sexy times together, while Monroe and Rosalee also have sexy times that presumably at least go to third base. Everyone’s disrupted by the zombie, who are going around breaking shit; Nick and Hank track down Samedi, who they think might be at the dockyard, while Rosalee and Monroe make an antidote. Juliette is now ready and willing to be a part of Team Grimm now, asking Nick how his day was and wanting the the Wesen-centric details, wanting Nick to take her to the Spice Shop to discover the deal with the zombies, and even going to the dockyard to confront Samedi with Nick, Monroe and Rosalee (although that’s a terrible decision).


Why? Because it’s definitely a trap, one that Nick walks right into when Samedi spits his goop in his eyes and Renard’s brother Eric puts the seemingly dead Grimm in a coffin for presumed transport to Europe under an assumed name that Renard’s spy discovers earlier in the episode. That’s where the show ends, with the cliffhanger of Nick imprisoned and god knows what else by Eric, but there’s more. Renard and Eric meet, and Eric asks Renard to rejoin the family… contingent on him getting the Grimm’s mysterious key in a certain amount of time.

And Adalind is part fo an elaborate plot with Stefania, who manages to dupe Frau Pech into transforming into Adalind and stealing her heart, as only a still-beating Hexenbiest’s heart can restore Adalind’s Hexenbiest’s powers. It’s a little perfunctory — Claire Coffee playing Frau Pech playing Adalind is particularly so-so — but it’s still a fun twist, and I look forward to Adalind returning to Portland to fuck with people next season.

It is the most complicated of plots? Does it reveal much about the world of Grimm? No on both counts, but it’s fast-paced and entertaining and shit happens, and again, that’s all I ask of Grimm. Well, that and Nick’s new zombie status is leading into an awesome adventure and not a full a season where Juliette and Monroe and everybody try to convince Nick he’s a Grimm and needs to be fighting fairy tale bad guys. Grimm, if season 3 is all about Juliette and Monroe trying to bring Nick’s memory back, you and me are gonna have words.

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Assorted Musings:

• I cannot stress how grateful I am that Samedi’s thralls were not zombies, and only exhibited zombie-like behavior in that they seemed dead, came back to life, and acted like assholes. I was genuinely worried that the “zombie” that bit Wu would turn him into a zombie, or that they were really dead, so I appreciate Grimm taking the time to point out that they’re just regular people suffering from a very weird Wesen-made condition.


• Now that Juliette and Hank are on board, I long for the day that Wu joins Team Grimm. Although he’d probably put them all out of business by solving everything in a matter of minutes as opposed to days.

• After half a season of stalling — and god knows what you poor people who have watch the Nick/Juliette relationship get stalled from the beginning felt — but Juliette’s openness and willingness to learn more about Nick’s world almost felt pornographically fan service-y.


• Samedi is a pretty one-note villain, but Reg Cathey imbues him with a pretty impressive amount of amusement and menace. Seriously, the Grimm writers can do just about anything when they cast people that talented to play minor bad guys.

• I await the day James Frain becomes a series regular. He’s so fun, and his portrayal of Renard’s brother adds so many layer that just benefit Grimm all round.


• I think I’d give any other show shit for the closing caption “Oh Come On, you knew this was coming,” but Grimm somehow makes it seem innocent and charming. Maybe I’m just glad to know the Grimm folk have a sense of humor about their show, that they aren’t making Law and Order: SVU or something.

• That said, for fuck’s sake get rid of the Papyrus font for the captions. Literally the only worse font you could have used is Comic Sans.


• So I only started Grimm in the middle of season 2 for these recaps, but 1) based on my knowledge I feel safe in saying Season 2 is significantly better than Season 1, 2) I’m genuinely looking forward to next season, especially if Grimm can get its Wesen-o’-the-Week/mythology stuff worked out better, and 3) I hope you join me next fall!

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

if season 3 is all about Juliette and Monroe trying to bring Nick’s memory back...

As soon as I realized Nick was getting spit on (basically as soon as he goes after Samedi alone) I figured this is what they were doing. Bad writers, which this staff is, will be lazy and reuse the same plot two seasons in a row. They tell themselves it is "symmetry" when in reality it is "lazy."

And they had to do the sub title on the TBC card since again, it was obvious what the cliff hanger was going to be long before Nick finds the coffin.