Wow. You thought you were done with new Star Wars trailers after the recent, amazing one we just had? Think again. Disney has released an international cut of the trailer—one that is packed with new shots and dialogue.

The trailer, which you can see below, follows a similar thematic path as the recent teaser, but we get to hear more from Rey and how she’s waiting for her family. We get to see Kylo Ren’s controversial new lightsaber in action. There’s a glimpse of Leia and C-3PO, of gorgeous vistas and alien suns—and then Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata ends the trailer by saying “Hope is not lost today... it is found.” See for yourself!

There is a surprising amount of extra stuff in here, especially considering J.J. Abrams was very insistent on the previous trailer being the last new footage we’d see before the movie released. Naturally, we’ve broken down some of that new content for you into glorious gifs!

Rey checks out the wreckage of a ship on Jakku.

And enquires as to where BB-8—who is owned by Poe Dameron—came from, and teasingly mentions that she knows what it’s like to wait for her family. The question is... who’s the family? Han and Leia, like everyone thinks it is?

The shot of Rey speeding across Jakku is very Luke-and-the-binary-sunset-y, and we love it.

A busy Jakku market, and BB-8 dashes off as it spots something that gets the attention of Rey... and Finn, who’s joined her now! Presumably, BB-8’s seen the First Order making their arrival, as we’ve seen images of Finn and Rey being chased through a similar environment by Stormtroopers.

Speaking of gorgeous shots of alien suns, this one is also spectacular. TIEs at sunset!

Finn and Rey introduce themselves to each other on the Falcon. Wait, they go through all that without knowing each other’s names first?

It’s the Resistance Base! There’s Poe in the background, a brief shot of C-3PO, and PRINCESS GODDAMN LEIA. They look pretty concerned by something.

Leia’s not the only old face we get to see in the trailer. Chewbacca is here, and he’s here to BLOW SHIT UP. Presumably the exploding First Order bridge, which was in the last trailer, is just cut here for effect rather than being Chewie’s actual handiwork, but still.

On a forest world we’ve seen only glimpses of, Rey gets a close encounter with Kylo Ren’s flickering, spitting lightsaber. Careful Kylo, you’ll have someone’s eye out with that thing! There’s a few shots of his lightsaber in this trailer, and we have to say, this crossguard thing has grown on us. It looks menacing and awesome.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out December 18th.