Gotham Has Just Out-Gotham-ed Itself

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Guys. GUYS. Gotham has just done the craziest fucking thing. I feel like I say that a lot, but this... this is next-level bonkers. It’s a spoiler, although I will say that it involves the return of a villain... kind of? Just look. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

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Meet the Joker! Or a Joker! Or another weird-ass step on Gotham’s path to bringing out the actual Joker at some point, maybe! Lori Petty (from Tank Girl!) is playing yet another extremely Joker-like villain who is still absolutely not the Joker that Batman will eventually be fighting, when he grows up. This Joker-esque being will debut in the March 14th episode titled “This Ball of Mud and Meanness.”


Unlike Jerome, who had Joker’s laugh and murderous sense of humor down, this Petty-Joker is sporting green hair and white skin. Is it make-up? Did she take a quick dip in a vat at ACE Chemicals? Does she have another origin? Does she have anything to do with Jerome?

Other questions: How many pre-Jokers will Gotham introduce over its run? Even if there are only these two, why would anyone see the actual Joker as anything but a totally lame copycat when he finally debuts on Gotham;s supervillain scene? Is there still a chance that Barbara Kean may become one of these legion of Jokers? Oh god, could we actually have an episode with a legion of Jokers, where they all rent out a hotel conference room and discuss Joker policy?

This show, guys.


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It’s faux-Jokers the whole way down.