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It Looks Like the Original Jimmy Olsen May Cameo in Justice League

Image: IMDB
Image: IMDB

In the current DC movies, Jimmy Olsen got the shit end of the stick. He was unceremoniously murdered right at the start of Batman v Superman. However, another version of that character is getting a comeback. Sort of.


A new Cyborg-centric clip from Justice League was just released, and one of the actors looks suspiciously like Marc McClure, who played Olsen in the Christopher Reeve Superman films. It’s at 14 seconds into this (or screen capped below for your viewing pleasure).

Here’s the screencap.

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

It certainly looks like the same guy as above, but we contacted Warner Bros. to double check and have not heard back yet. Nevertheless, rumors arose last year that McClure had a small role in the film and this seems very likely to be it.

Also, if you’re wondering why McClure looks so familiar, here’s a fun fact. Not only did he play Jimmy Olsen, he was Marty McFly’s older brother Dave in the Back to the Future movies. (This also isn’t his first post-Superman DC cameo. He had a Smallville cameo back in the day.)

Justice League opens November 17.

[Heroic Hollywood]

*Correction: The headline is referring to the original movie Jimmy Olsen. Jack Larson played the character before McClure on TV’s the Adventures of Superman.


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Really? The original Jimmy Olsen?