It Just Got a Little Cheaper to Watch Hulu's Excellent Runaways Series

Image: Hulu
Image: Hulu

While trying to get a crowd excited before a screening of Hulu’s new Runaways series during New York Comic Con, executive producer Jeph Loeb spent a solid 10 minutes shouting “HULU!” into the audience only for a handful of people to yell “AND CHILL!” back at him. Good times.


While Loeb’s skills as a hype man left something to be desired, a new promotion from Hulu itself might actually be something that gets you to watch the fantastic show. New subscribers will be able to sign up for Hulu at the reduced price of $6 a month (down from $8) until January 9. That subscription rate is good for a single year. The slash in cost comes the week after Netflix upped the price of its own subscription service (to a comparatively hefty $10.99/month up from $9.99) and Disney announced plans of pulling much of its content from Netflix in favor of another streaming service.

Making its service cheaper just in time for its latest foray into the world of live-action scifi is undoubtedly a smart move on Hulu’s part, but there’s no telling whether it’ll translate into long-term subscriber retention for the company or if people will even bother to watch Runaways.


You definitely should, though. It’s that good and it premieres on November 21.


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Loeb: “Wasp!”
Crowd: “And write a terrible story where she’s eaten by the Blob!”