According to the Associated Press, Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema has spent a staggering $745 million to make the three Hobbit movies, and it's not quite done — that figure only takes us to April or so, meaning the last eight months of post-production work on The Battle of Five Armies hasn't been included yet.

As it stands, though, each Hobbit movie costs about $248 million, making them more expensive than all but a handful of movies, including Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($250 mil), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ($300 mil) and John Carter ($250 mil).


At the AP confirms, New Zealand taxpayers have ponied up $122 million to help fund the films, but the boom to the New Zealand tourism industry has probably more than made up for this small expenditure. Also, it's not like Jackson or New Line are hurting; the first two Hobbit movies have more than doubled the total budget, earning nearly $2 billion at the box office — and they still have the third movie left to go.

When asked for a comment, Benedict Cumberbatch got down on the ground and started yelling about lying thieves.

[Via AV Club]