Yesterday in Israel, a bomb disposal robot inspected the scene of a suicide bombing at a shopping mall in the town of Dimona. The bot is remote controlled, and used an articulated arm to remove the jacket of the alleged bomber to be sure he doesn't have more explosives on his body. Want to see what else the robot does as it finishes its inspection of the area? (Warning: Images of a corpse may be disturbing.)

Here the bot rolls over the body of the purported bomber, in a final attempt to be sure there are no more explosives on his person.


And here the bot inspects debris. One Israeli was killed in the attack, which was claimed by a group of Palestinian militants.


Photos by HAIM HORENSTEIN/AFP/Getty Images.

In related news, a bomb scare today at a courthouse in Auckland, NZ, was also inspected by a bomb disposal robot of a slightly different make and model. Here you can see a guy driving the bot by remote control. Luckily, nobody was harmed ‚ÄĒ the bot retrieved a suspicious package that turned out to contain nothing dangerous.


Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images.

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