Isolinear Chip Flash Drives Are Definitely Where Picard Would Stash His Data

You’d have assumed that by the time the 24th century rolled around, wi-fi would be available across the galaxy. But Picard’s Enterprise apparently still relied on isolinear chips—Star Trek’s version of flash drives— to share data. ThinkGeek’s version probably isn’t quite as advanced, but you don’t have to tell your imagination that.


The isolinear chips that the Enterprise’s crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation can almost certainly hold more data than we even have a name for. Zettabytes? Yottabytes? Not even close. ThinkGeek’s $20 version tops out at just eight gigabytes so you can forget about stashing the schematics for a warp drive on there. It does light up, however, and the USB connector retracts so when not in use it will look more like an authentic prop from the TV series.


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