Is Wolverine's Massive Metal-Skeletoned Rampage Just Based On Bad Intel?

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Today's spoilersplosion includes new rumors about a death in Wolverine. And there are hints about characters on Lost, Smallville and Chuck wearing bullseyes. Plus BSG, Dollhouse, Fringe and Heroes. The spoilersplosion's blast radius is infinite!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

A few more details about that screening report we passed on last week. The one that we're still taking with a grain of salt. Wolverine goes to find all the mutants that Stryker is keeping prisoner, but Wraith ( tells him that only one mutant knows where the facility is — the only mutant ever to escape from it, Gambit. So Gambit leads Logan there by airplane. Also, it turns out Silver Fox didn't die halfway through the movie — Stryker faked her death, to drive Logan into a rage against Sabretooth, so he'd agree to the "adamantium skeleton" treatment. Silver Fox is actually being held prisoner in the secret base as well. And there's some huge surprise after the ending credits. [Film School Rejects]



The major character who'll die in season five is either Sawyer, Ben or Daniel, according to an inside source. [SpoilersLost]

Sawyer likes the life he's built for himself over the past three years with the Dharma Initiative. Only trouble is, the D.I. is due to come to a bloody end... or is it? The question of whether our time-jumping heroes can change the past comes up again in tonight's episode, as Christian Shephard shows Sun a very interesting photo when she arrives at the Dharma compound. (And it sounds like Sun is not back in the past, with Jack, Hurley and Kate.) [TV Overmind]

The title for the season five finale is "The Incident." And there was some massive pyrotechnics being planned for an upcoming episode, possibly the finale — which means either a huge fire fight or a big explosion. [Doc Arzt]



The season finale will be called "Epitaph One." [SpoilerTV]

Battlestar Galactica:

Ronald D. Moore clarified, in the podcast for "Islanded In A Stream Of Stars," that neither Kara Thrace nor her father have any connection to the "missing" Cylon, Daniel. [Battlestar Blog]




Somehow we missed this new photo from an upcoming episode of Fringe, in which it looks like the gang is examining a young Observer. [E! Online]


James Kyson Lee says we'll be seeing more of his character, Ando, in the final episodes. And his power is more than just the ability to supercharge other mutants' powers, as you glimpsed in that "flash forward" at the start of season three. Oh, and he and Hiro spend a lot of time with that baby. Meanwhile, he says volume five will involve a new female baddie that we'll meet at the end of volume four. And it'll be more about the characters going back to their everyday lives and dealing with their lives with superpowers, after having had such a weird adventure. [Sci Fi Wire]



The death at the end of the season will be "shocking," says producer Josh Schwartz. [EW]



Two characters will die in the season finale. One is a long-running character, one isn't. And one is a man, and the other... (He just says "..." — perhaps suggesting the other character isn't even human?) [EW]


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