Is Wolverine's Emma Frost More Disappointing Than Gambit's Ridiculous Hats?

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Some "video bios" of Wolverine's mutant stars put the nasty-as-she-wanna-be Emma Frost front and center... and the PG-rated version of Emma is an even bigger disappointment than Gambit.


The new video bios play up the "dark'n'angsty" side of Wolverine over the action side, and make it look like a totally different movie than we've been promised so far. Suddenly, it's all about mutants being an oppressed minority, and Stryker doesn't just want to use them to fight bad guys - he wants to cure them, the only way you can: by killing them. It makes sense with Stryker's character in the later movies, but it's a definite shift in tone from the other promos. Here they are:

Emma Frost

Frederick J. Dukes

William Stryker

Everybody Together Now:

After viewing Emma Frost's video, I can't help but think she's more of a "pissed off substitute teacher" rather than the famous bitchy she-devil who could kill you just by thinking about it. They also seem to focus a lot more on the diamond skin, over her telepathic abilities (which I also thought were much more intense and frightening, in the comics). You guys have mentioned the troubling look and feel of the live adaptation Emma before, but I think this video brings the murmurs up a notch. Is anyone remotely interested in what we're being handed here? I'm aware that we can't have her parading around in her tiny white comic-book ensemble, but this is a really watered down replacement.

Update: Apparently we're not alone in this confusion/anger. Others disagree, but I still wouldn't go so far as to call the White Queen a whore.


I dunno. I've said before I remember people bitching about the look of Singer's original X-Men, about the way Wolverine looked, Magneto's lame helmet, about Rogue not having a drawl, about the costumes, etc. And it worked great (especially in X2).

These are movies, not the comics. So I'm willing to give it a shot.