Take a look at the above photos of John Cho and Zoe Saldana on the set of the new Star Trek sequel, via TrekMovie. Check out what they're wearing under the regulation black Bad Robot parkas (which all castmembers wear on set, to cover up their costumes.)

Looks as though Uhura and Sulu are wearing new uniforms, which are similar to the Academy instructor uniforms from the first movie — but not quite the same. And notice that Uhura has a red stripe on her collar, denoting her status as security/engineering staff. While Sulu's stripe appears to be silvery. They're both wearing gray trousers and boots. This is similar to uniforms we've glimpsed in other set pictures lately — including the video that Simon Pegg and Karl Urban posted from the set a while back.


Could everybody have brand new uniforms this time out? And could this mean no more skirt for Uhura? Or is this just for one short sequence in the film (which seems equally likely)?

Click over to TrekMovie to see better versions of these images.

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