Is Tobey Maguire Your Next Bilbo Baggins?

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The latest Hobbit rumor whirling around the internet is that Spider-Man may be hanging up his web for a bit, to star in Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro's Hobbit. Is Tobey Maguire heading to the shire? UPDATE!

LatinoReview has a scoop that during The Brothers junket, Maguire was asked who he wanted to work with his answer was, Guillermo del Toro. Which he followed with:

"We may have something here in the near future."

Cue the internet fanfare and rumor whirlwinds. This must mean that Tobey is the next Bilbo Baggins — but then again, it's the closest thing we've heard to actual Hobbit news in a while. Plus LatinoReview confirms this overheard conversation with a CAA source. Plus, Tobey is not shooting Spider-Mans 4 and 5 back to back, so he may have some free time. And it is a role of a lifetime — we'd still rather see David Tennant in the role, but Tobey has had an impressive career, and there's no doubt he could handle the role. We guess the rest is in GDT and Jackson's hands.


UPDATE: Movieline has the update from Maguire's publicist saying that the whole rumor is false, meanwhile super Tolkein site says the rumor is completely new to them, and none of their sources can confirm the possible Maguire Bilbo talks.

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Bilbo was how old when The Hobbit began?


Granted Hobbits live a bit longer than humans (Bilbo himself broke the old record by living to 131, surpassing The Old Took - who had no magical performance enhancers giving him longevity), but that said, Toby doesn't look 50, or even 40. Or even 35. Maybe he could pass for 30 if he stopped shaving for a while, but I doubt it.