Is Tintin A Near-Perfect Storm Of Genre Movie-Making?

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With scripts from the new Doctor Who boss, direction from Peter Jackson and a cast that includes Simon Pegg, there's only one thing stopping Tintin from being perfect: It's not scifi.


We can't tell you how much we want the upcoming Tintin movies to be sci-fi; what genre wouldn't want to claim a couple of movies written by Steven Moffat, directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg and starring (amongst others) Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (as the Thompson Twins) alongside Andy "I was Gollum and King Kong, you know" Serkis, after all? It's like the ideal science-fiction movie... except that, really, Tintin isn't really science fiction.

Oh, we've tried to convince ourselves otherwise, pointing out that he went to the moon in a couple of books, not to mention an appearance by a strange meteor. But the fact remains that, overall, The Adventures of Tintin remains a more grounded series, despite occasionally wandering into stranger territories (Plus, sadly, the movies are apparently based on the very not science fiction books The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure).

And so, we're left looking at the amazing collection of talent behind the Tintin movies, wishing that they could come to their senses and just work on a proper science fiction story instead of this Boy Reporter And Pirates stuff, and also sneakily reporting on it nonetheless by disguising it as a post about being sad that the movies aren't science fiction after all.

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Reporting that it is not sci-fi and that you can't report on it. Clever.