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Is this the new Ellen Ripley? Rumors are starting to spread over an interview that actress Gemma Arterton gave regarding Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. Will Bond's oil-coated Quantum of Solace conquest be playing the new Ripley?


In an interview with the Sunday Times, Arterton revealed that she was meeting with Scott about the a role in his new Alien film.

"Ridley Scott saw '[The Disappearance of] Alice Creed' and loved it. He wants me to meet for 'Aliens: The Remake', or something,"


To be fair, her statement doesn't necessarily proves she's playing a title role. For all we really know she may be the "new" Vasquez. That being said, we do love that Ridley is keeping an eye out for new female talent. You must have a kick-ass woman for an Alien picture, or no dice.

[via Ace Showbiz]

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