Two new trailers for the Ashley-Tisdale-vs-cute-aliens epic Aliens In The Attic have come out, and they're making me wonder: Is this the year of movies about humans fighting cute aliens with big eyes? The second trailer includes a rundown of the movie's cutesy alien invaders. At least there's mind control.

So in Aliens In The Attic (formerly known as They Came From Upstairs) a family goes on vacation in the countryside, only to find that four aliens have gotten there first. And these aliens are the vanguard of an alien invasion fleet, although one of them really just wants to make friends. There's Sparks, the friendly one, Skip, the mean one, Spike, the dumb one, and Razor, the female one. Here's the UK trailer, with more details on these incredibly vivid personalities. Plus mind-control and crotch shots!


So seriously, what's the deal with us having to battle cute aliens all the time? First there was Battle For Terra, where we invaded the planet of lovable ETs. Then there's this movie, where the cute aliens invade us back. And then there's Planet 51, where the Rock crashes on a planet of cute aliens and gets mistaken for an invader. And finally, there's James Cameron's Avatar, where we invade the cute aliens again. What gives?

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