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Is This The Year Of Darth Vader Vs. Batman?

Illustration for article titled Is This The Year Of Darth Vader Vs. Batman?

An offhand comment from comic site Bleeding Cool has us all excited about the possibility of a crossover between Star Wars and the DC Universe. But are we reading too much into a vague, unsubstantiated rumor?


Rich Johnston's Five For 2010 included this interesting last line for the "Intercompany Crossovers" entry:

Of course much bigger news will be the DC Universe, Dark Horse and LucasFilm getting into bed for crossovers with epic proportions.


Dark Horse, of course, publish the Star Wars and Indiana Jones comic tie-ins, but we can't help but assume that it's the universe of Jedis and Sith that would be of more crossover interest with DC's superhero line. While Dark Horse has previously crossed over other properties with DC's superheroes (Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Batman and Superman comes to mind as the best example), the number of cross-license Star Wars comics can be counted on the fingers of a man with no hand. Will 2010 be the year to change all of this, or is there something less likely (but, arguably, a better fit) going on? We have to admit, the idea of a Hellboy/Indiana Jones/Batman comic makes us very happy...

Five for 2010 [Bleeding Cool]

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Anekanta - spoon denier

See... now this is why I don't read comics. I mean, jeez. Do I really want to see Batman hanging out with Jedi? No. They're cool enough on their own, but put 'em together and you get some kind of bizarre mutant thing that scares the children.

What other mismatched things can we slam together, I wonder?

Indiana Jones & Lord of the Rings?

Grumpy Harrison Ford: "That ring belongs in a museum! We can't let the Orc-Nazis get it! Where's that damned wizard when you need him? Ring-Wraiths!? I hate those guys!"

Highlander meets Gremlins...

Conner MacLeod: "There can be only one—unless they get wet..."

Indecent Proposal meets Firefly

Jayne: "Hey Mal, I'll trade ya my favouritist rifle Vera for that purty wife o' yours..."

Okay, that last one kind of worked, but you can see where I'm going here:

Take two (or more) things that may be just fine on their own and mix 'em together and you don't reach a higher plateau of awesomeness. What you get is something with the consistency of vomit or excrement... stuff all mixed in together, some hot dog here, a little corn there; hey is that a carrot? — something that just stinks or anyway can't be taken seriously.

I for one hope this is only a rumor, or I'll have even less respect for Lucas Film than I have since the prequels, and Batman, who was cool enough in the Nolan films and the animated series, will turn into utter schlock.