Is this the TV roster we'll see in 2014?

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With 2014 literally around the corner, we've been making predictions about what the year ahead could bring. And, after peering deep into the darkness of our blank television screens, we have some ideas about just what we might see on TV in the next twelve months.


Commenter Area51Comics sketched out this possible future for where we might see some of our favorite scifi and fantasy shows go in 2014:

Community will sign for a 6th season (probably not with NBC), thus fulfilling 85% of their prophecy. No word on "The Cape" still.

We will not get enough new Doctor Who to make a clear judgement. 1/2 will hate it, 1/2 will love it.

Marvel's Agents of Shield will continue to ask fans to "wait for it." While Arrow and Flash will provide solid television comic book entertainment.

The Walking Dead will slip in ratings due to no real baddy around like the Gov.

Probably 3 new vampire or werewolf TV series.

Fox will move Almost Human to another night.

Once Upon a Time will either hint at or go full on Wizard of Oz and/or Star Wars. (Don't laugh they have had nods to SW already.)

Once upon a Time in Wonderland - Cancelled

Atlantis - Not cancelled, but pulled from BBC America

Revolution - Cancelled

Continuum will either be dropped by SyFy or wrap up (I hope not).

I'm also adding the renewal of both Sleepy Hollow and Elementary for third seasons in 2014.


Have some additions or quibbles or your own to add? (Or perhaps just some naming suggestions for those three new vampire/werewolf/werepire series?) Tell us about it now in the comments.

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Person of Interest will continue to be both the best thing on TV and criminally underappreciated at the same time.

Other than POI, the new series of Sherlock will struggle to be beaten by anything else in the entire year and we'll be devastated to lose it.

The Jim Gordon tv series will last half a season before cancellation, if it makes it to broadcast at all.