Is this the strangest folk song ever written about intergalactic boinking?

The German-American singing sensation The Kelly Family have been making the internet rounds lately thanks to their jaunty paean to bed-wetting.


Despite selling 20 million records worldwide, many of us are still discovering the Kellys' unique vintage of borderline cultic vagabond pop, devoted to such topics as extraterrestrial amour. Yes, their somewhat deranged 1997 single "Fell In Love With An Alien" addresses such a forbidden romance. I don't know about you, but the production values in this video are giving me flashbacks to Tomes and Talismans.


[Via Buzzfeed]

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Corpore Metal

I think the litmus test for whether you're ready for doing the wild thing with species around the galaxy is to is to look at the endlessly belegged bellies of centipedes or lobsters. If this turns you on, go and get your James T. Kirk on.

Otherwise, realistically speaking, anything even remotely looking like a human mammary gland is going to be exceedingly rare.