Is this the Silk Spectre from Watchmen 2?

But a week after illustrations of Nite Owl and The Comedian hit the net, we're now looking at what appears to be artist Amanda Conner's take on the second Silk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk) from the upcoming Watchmen prequels. Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston claims to have received this artwork from a shadowy tipster (who really should've quoted Rorschach for theatricality's sake).


UPDATE 1/2/12: Per a request from DC Comics, we have since removed the image.



Again, missing Moore and Gibbons' point. Laurie's costume is supposed to be ugly and impractical; it's something that her mother would have designed, thinking it was "sexy," based on a middle-aged mother's understanding of late '60s fashions derived mostly from Matt Helm movies and Vegas go-go dancers. Updating the costume so that it looks sleeker or more practical or more flattering goes against the satirical grain of Watchmen, which is that real people with anatomically-accurate bodies (as opposed to cartoon figures) tend to look stupid and profoundly ill at ease in superhero costumes.