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As shooting for Shane Black's Iron Man 3 nears the horizon, everyone is buzzing about how The Avengers will impact the third installment of Tony Stark's saga. And we think we finally have the answer.


According to Latino Review, an anonymous source from an early screening for The Avengers says the plot for Iron Man 3 is embedded within Joss Whedon's new movie. This makes sense, as Marvel goes to great efforts to make sure all their superhero flicks are interconnected.

So what's the big secret? Allegedly Iron Man 3 is pulled from Warren Ellis' Extremis story arc. In Extremis, a nanobots give Tony superpowers, such as the ability to build a super suit from his skin. Naturally things fall apart when Stark has to fight his own creation. We have to admit the story could easily fit in with The Avengers, especially after the jabs Captain America throws at Tony for just being a guy in a suit. Perhaps Iron Man develops yet another complex?


Furthermore, Marvel released the Extremis motion comic two years ago (which is where the first Iron Man the movie pulled part of its story from). We even speculated that it might be basis for Iron Man 2 at one point, but Marvel is super-calculating with its superhero properties, so why give Extremis a motion comic push if they're not going to utilize it?

Here's the video from Latino Review. And here's the trailer for the Extremis motion comic. What do you think? Will it be Iron Man 3: Extremis?


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