Is this the most regrettably shaped spaceship in anime history?

Yes, we're aware that the swastika predates the Third Reich by millennia, but this spaceship from the early 1990s anime Karasu Tengu Kabuto is just...well...damn. I suppose flying around on a giant swastika dragon is one way to get around.


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Anekanta - spoon denier

Slow news day, Cyriaque?

Asians just don't make the same connection with the swastika that Westerner's do. I worked part-time for a small video game developer for a while, making historical war games. In one game we made (sort of like "Civilization" but with real-time battles), they used a swastika to represent the Buddhist philosophy in various menus and such.

Despite the Taiwanese owner / design lead being a hardcore military history & WWII buff; it simply did not occur to him (or to the lead artist, who was from Macau) that the Buddhist swastika might be misinterpreted as the Nazi symbol.

I also remember a news story from the late 90's or early 2000's about some panda toys, made in China, that caused a big stir when they were shipped to North America. The manufacturer had run out of some other toy, and sent these pandas instead—and each one had a swastika on its forehead.