Is this the Justice League's big, bad villain?

Yet another Justice League rumor has dropped. Has the villain for 2015 Justice League movie been revealed?


Latino Review (who has been pretty on the money with a recent batch of Iron Man 3 rumors) is reporting that the big bad for Warner Bros. Justice League picture will be Darkseid!

This alien overlord from the planet Apokolips has been messing with the Justice League since 1970. Darkseid is a powerhouse villain for DC. Dreamed up by Jack Kirby the alien beast is super smart, super strong, invulnerable and can crush Superman with Omega Beams.

It's an interesting choice. If true, the production will most likely be plagued with "Thanos did it first" jabs. Then again, bringing in the biggest villain from DC's roster might be the only way the Justice League can compete with Avengers. Personally, though, we would have gone with Starro.


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