Is this the first look at X-Men: Days of Future Past's Scarlet Witch?

Illustration for article titled Is this the first look at emX-Men: Days of Future Past/ems Scarlet Witch?

Has the new X-Men movie added yet another mutant to the mix? This new still features Evan Peters' Quicksilver sitting with an unknown, pint-sized red-haired girl on his lap — who could she be other than Quicksilver's sister Wanda, a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch?


Now, there's no confirmation that the girl is playing Wanda, but if she isn't, it means that there's a scene in the movie where Quicksilver is hanging out with a random little red-haired girl, and I seriously don't know why that would happen. Also, I don't really know why this girl would be sitting on Quicksilver's lap unless she was 1) a blood relative or 2) Quicksilver is babysitting her. I guess he could be babysitting, but as we've noticed, there's a lot of characters in this damn thing — I don't think there's going to be time to watch any of the X-Men, past or present, trying to earn some extra income.

And if Bryan Singer has decided Quicksilver is older than his sibling Wanda the Tweenage Witch, then that explains why she's not going to be part of the action. Because she's like 8. Which means they're going to have to leave her back at the X-Mansion. Which means someone's going to have to watch her. Goddamn it, maybe there will be babysitting in this thing.


[Via Comic Book Resources]

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Rob Bricken

Anyone else concerned that Wanda isn't wearing a princess costume but a fairy tale witch costume? The possibility haunts me.