Is This The First Look At WB's Brand-New Batman Cartoon?

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It's a look and nothing more, but this banner from the Las Vegas Licensing Expo sure looks like the first promo for a brand-new cartoon titled Batman Unlimited. Since Cartoon Network unceremoniously dumped Beware the Batman, the Dark Knight has needed a new series — but is this it?


A few caveats: The crazy-ass bat-logo featured in the title and on Batman's chest is the same as the current logo for Mattel's Batman toyline. And the name, Batman Unlimited, is the same name as Mattel's Target-exclusive Batman toyline. But since this was apparently hanging at the Warner Bros. booth, I sincerely doubt they'd put up a banner for a toyline that's not directly based on a show/movie/whatever that they're putting out. Frankly. I bet the WB animation team liked the logo and the name, and cribbed 'em for this new series.

Now, time to speculate what the show may be about, and when I say "speculate" of course I mean "randomly guess given that there is literally no information other than this one image." Unlmited usually denotes a larger team, but WB has seemed very reluctant to have a cartoon with the regular Bat-family in it for the last decade. I'm guessing they're going to take a page out of Batman Inc.'s book, and feature a team of Bat-men, such as current hero Batwing ,the Knight, Batman Japan, and maybe a few others that aren't quite as ridiculous as the Native American hero Man-of-Bats. Anyone else care to speculate with me?


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Well that answers that question