Is This The Face (Well, Head) Of Our New Robotic Overlord?

Is this photo proof that we'll see a giant robot made out of seven Decepticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, or just that some Transformers fan has a very ugly bedspread? We investigate.


These images, which first surfaced on the ACToys Message Board, may be of one of the component parts of Devastator, the mega-Transformer made up of seven different robots in the next Transformers movie; Devastator - who's been around as a toy since 1985 - was originally a robot made up of the combination of the "Constructicons," "cleverly" named Decepticons who transformed into construction vehicles, as this one seems to.

Personally, I hope that Devastator becomes the most popular of all the second movie's characters, if only because it increases the chances of my seeing Defensor in the third movie.

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