Could this be the mangled mouth of Peter Jackson's Goblin King? This completely unverified bit of concept art is rumored to be part of Hobbit movie, showing off the new mug of the Goblin King. Barry Humphries (the voice of Bruce in Finding Nemo and Dame Edna Everage) has been cast as the Goblin, but we've yet to glimpse the actual appearance of this creature.


The images are part of a card game and appear to show the Goblin and one of his minions. They were discovered on a German action figure site.

Are these the real deal? Who knows? The images do seem to match up with this creature being constructed in the first behind-the-scenes Hobbit video blogs (spotted by TheOneRing).

The only thing we can know for sure is, the Goblin King's going to have a truly amazing voice.



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