Is this the end of the Space Age? The Economist wants to know!

With the final Space Shuttle flight launching a week from today, the Economist wonders if this is the end of the Space Age:

Yet none of this was the space age as envisaged by the enthusiastic "space cadets" who got the whole thing going. Their dream was for man to venture farther into the solar system and beyond, into interstellar space. Many people feel that these imaginings have been dashed. It is quite conceivable that 36,000km will prove the limit of human ambition. It is equally conceivable that human space flight, long the stuff of science fiction, will return to fantasy.


Is the Space Age really over? Or will commercial space flight fill the gap? The Economist is asking for your vote right now. Click over there to register your opinion. [The Economist]

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Franklin Harris

Getting rid of that low-Earth-orbit U-Haul is the first step to actually doing something meaningful in space.