Has a single call sheet revealed some huge spoilers for Zack Snyder's Superman movie, The Man of Steel? Check out the brand new twists the 300 director is giving Superman's origins story.

Pittsburgh Movies snatched up a Man of Steel call sheet which is littered with tons of tiny Superman scenes. Here's a rough translation of a few key moments transcribed from the papers. There's a scene in a ROADHOUSE (fingers crossed for Henry Cavill doing Tai Chi on the roof) which we have already seen a few picture of! But more importantly a scene on Superman's home planet!


WIthout spoiling too much it sounds like the movie is toying with baby Kal-El's origins tale, but not too terribly much. Plus there was good mention of Russell Crowe (who was cast as Superman's Dad) Jor-El potentially getting into some sort of a scuffle.

Besides the Krypton clues, the roundhouse scene sounds like your traditional, "Clark Kent is underestimated again, and whoops a whole bunch of ass" superhero moment. Which is great if that means we get to see Cavill running around without his shirt on, like we spied in these creepy set pics! More like "Kneel before Kal-El," right?


Man of Steel won't hit theaters until June of 2013.

[via Bleeding Cool]