Is This Strange Cloud The Sign Of An Invisible Triangle UFO?

One of the latest sightings reported by the UFO group MUFON is captured in this image. The photographer thinks this oddly-shaped cloud might have been caused by a triangle-shaped UFO hidden under an invisibility cloak.

Maybe it's just my one-track mind, but I see a giant dragon's mouth here. But according to the person who reported the sighting:

I was in the kitchen looking outside and I saw a strange cloud formation. I grabed my camera a took two photos of what seemed like an invisible trinagle surrounded by clouds. I did not think much of it because I went back inside and brushed it off. The time was about 3pm. Later in the year many people were reporting triangle typed ufos throughout the world and I remembered taking the photo of the invisible triangle shaped oddity.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

via Lights In The Sky

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