There’s a picture floating around the internet that appears to be one of the new Stormtrooper variants for this year’s Star Wars film, Rogue One. If it’s accurate, it’s going to be one badass figure.

Spoilers ahead.

A couple of pictures broke last year, showing off a bunch of helmets that were appearing in the film: one included a classic Stormtrooper, as well as two variants. Now, it looks like we have the rest of the black stormtrooper:


It looks mean as hell. From a costume perspective, there’s not much different here from the regular stormtrooper armor: the body is pretty much the same, with the exception of the hip packs, and a pauldron on the shoulders. The biggest difference is that helmet.

There’s been some other descriptions floating around of the other trooper: it has a combination of parts seen on a scout trooper and a stormtrooper, and that it was referred to as a sand trooper.

It’ll be interesting to see where these guys show up in the movie, and it’ll be exciting to see the costumes made when better pictures come together.

Update: as a couple commenters pointed out: this is a fabrication based on descriptions of the costumes. The helmet is new, but it’s been plunked on top of a hot Toys shadow trooper. Maybe the final appearance will be similar, but that’s not it.



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