Is This Sony's Dumb Title for the Next Spider-Man Movie?

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Now that Marvel and Sony have joined forces to make the next Spider-Man movie, expectations for the film among fans are impossibly high. This possible title for the film should temper those expectations a bit.


Sony has registered the URL (you’ll notice it redirects to Sony Pictures), which does seem to indicate that Sony is at least considering naming something “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” One might presume it’s the next live-action film, but it could also be the animated Spider-Man movie coming from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Also, it could be a potential title for either film, and Sony is just nabbing the website now before someone can poach them while they consider their options.

If it is a title, what the hell is exactly coming home here? It seems weird that Marvel and Sony’s very young Spidey would be anywhere but home, and since this is a bit of reboot (sans origin story, thank god) it doesn’t make sense for one of Spidey’s foes to return to vex him. Any ideas about what this could refer to? Also, any ideas why Marvel and Sony wouldn’t just call the next movie Spectacular Spider-Man, as if it weren’t the most awesome and obvious title for it?

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Well, they’ve said they’re sticking with the high School setting for a while, maybe the whole movie will take place over homecoming weekend, as Spidey works his adventuring in between the dance and the big game. Big fight at the bonfire party, chase during the parade, etc.

Im not sure if Im joking or not, really. It sounds silly, but I could also totally see them try this.