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Is This New Flick Awesome Or Crap?

Illustration for article titled Is This New Flick Awesome Or Crap?

The Last City is an indie flick in production right now, and we've got the concept trailer right here. Honestly I can't decide if it's good or bad. I like the postapocalypse gangster movie idea, though. See for yourself.


Here's the synopsis:

Year: 2070

The ancient prophecies of hell on earth came true with a vengeance at the end of the Age of Pisces when apocalyptic solar flares brought the modern world to its knees. With the ozone layer decimated, the sun penetrated land and sea. It got hot. Very hot. The rivers dried, the oceans turned to salt, and the Earth was showered with relentless fire. In the aftermath, a chain reaction of chaos engulfed the planet and mankind devoured everything. All that remained was The Last City, formerly the pinnacle of the modern world, now reduced to an urban graveyard of sand, ash and death. There were no days. No nights. Just an eternal burning crimson sky that scorched all hope into oblivion.


Listen to Robert Duvall narrate this vid, and pronounce "corona" really weirdly. If video doesn't load, you can watch it here.

On the plus side: Cool low-budget effects; noir/gangster movie concept design is great. There is some fun pulpiness here for sure. On the minus: What the hell with that crazy voiceover? The Earth is reduced to dirt? But I thought it was ALREADY made of dirt. Plus, did our evil really cause a sunstorm? So confused.

via Quiet Earth

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clicked through to see the vid.


Basic backstory nicely told.

Awesome shot of NYC.


Biblical reference at the beginning. Man I am sick of those. They never serve any purpose other than to signify that the writer / director takes themselves WAY too seriously.

Ubiquitous "destroyed Statue of Liberty" shot.

Narroration goes on way too long.

Bad fake driving / shooting / acting.

WTF a Samurai sword. Really?

Conclusion: It's crap.