Is This Gotham Season 2's Joker or Just a Joke?

This is Cameron Monaghan, who you might recognize as the kid who played Jerome, a murderer who had a big smile, a distinctive laugh, and a penchant for murder in Gotham’s first season. He’s just Instagrammed this pic of himself, but does this really mean he’s definitely going to be the Clown Prince of Crime?


We know that at least the first part of Gotham’s second season would be Joker-centric, but showrunner Bruno Heller has only confirmed that Jerome is “connected” in some way to Batman’s greatest foe. Jerome could be the Joker, he could be the inspiration for the real Joker, this picture could just be an elaborate ruse—there are several possibilities here.

I will say, however, that if Jerome is the Joker, then the villain started on his path to evil because he was upset with his mom’s active sex life, which is not that great an origin. And if he’s not the Joker, then he’s just some kid who looks and sounds exactly like the Joker but somehow doesn’t become him. Again, I’m not sure which choice is better... or worse.


[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Wait. Hold up. There’s going to be a season TWO of that disaster?