Is this concept art of the Space Jockey from the Alien prequel?

Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien is rumored to feature the enigmatic Space Jockey, and concept illustrations of said elephantine creature have appeared online. It's unconfirmed if this is official art, but these doodles are nonetheless intriguing.

These designs were sent to Script Flags by a reader claiming this is from Scott's upcoming alien film. Still no word on whether the space jockeys' tenuous grasp of the human anatomy will lead them to mind-control two male astronauts into mating.

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Thanks Cassie!

UPDATE 11/26/10: Looks like it's fan art (albeit extremely cool fan art).

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Well, they do look quite interesting.

Nevertheless, I always liked the idea that the space jockey had been dead for millions of years. It was, after all, fossilized. The idea that they are contemporary might remove some of the Lovecraftian horror of vast, uncaring reaches of space and time. I liked the idea that the Alien eggs had been lying dormant in the derelict for millions of years, just waiting for Kane to make the wrong move.

But I have faith in Ridley Scott.

(That Harvest script *has* to be fake, right? It's so irredeemably terrible that I refuse to believe it's even an early draft.)