Is there unfinished green screen in the new Men In Black 3 trailer?

Illustration for article titled Is there unfinished green screen in the new emMen In Black 3/em trailer?

You've seen the brand new MIB3 trailer, featuring Josh Brolin's spot-on Tommy Lee Jones impersonation — but did you catch the possible slip-up?


We think we spied a left over greenscreen lurking inside this trailer. or is it an empty fish tank with green water? We're not sure, so we'll let you decide.


Bad Ass Digest was the first to alert us to the potential goof up in the trailer. And if it's true, this slip is really just he tip of the iceberg of all of the potential MIB3 problems. Fingers crossed this production can pull it together, because wasting Brolin's excellent K impression would be a crime. Vote below...

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Jean Rhys Lives

It looks like a tank with very green water in it. If you watch the trailer, the very top is rippling.