Is There Still a Chance That Marvel's Movies and TV Shows Could Cross Over for Infinity War?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

There could be more Dark Tower casting on the way. Chadwick Boseman teases Black Panther’s arrival in Civil War, while Clark Gregg discusses how Agents of SHIELD will acknowledge the movie. Plus, good news for Into the Badlands, and try not to be surprised at the prospect of even more Star Wars. Spoilers!

Avengers: Infinity War

In the wake of recent news that Civil War’s writers weren’t even aware of Agents of SHIELD’s establishing the Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the idea that Marvel’s movies, TV shows, and Netflix properties might come together seems even less likely than ever.


Not so, according to Marvel producer Nate Moore, who says there still might be a chance.

I think it’s possible for sure. It’s interesting that the TV timeline and the film timeline moves so differently because they tell stories so quickly because they have 10 to 22 episodes. So sometimes it’s just hard for those things to line up perfectly. But we love that idea of ultimately, say a Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Punisher, Agents of SHIELD, maybe there’s a way to get ‘em back in there as long as it makes sense for our storytelling and doesn’t prohibit them from telling a story. We say ‘oh, this happened to Daredevil somewhere in the future’ and they go ‘Well, that’s not what the TV show wants us to do.’ We don’t want that to start to feel like there’s friction so we haven’t figured out how to do it but we’d love to do it.


Dark Tower

Blastr is claiming that Aaron Paul has been cast in the movie—potentially as Eddie Dean, a young junkie gunslinger. Meanwhile, Paul took to Twitter to jokingly acknowledge the reports, but offered no real confirmation or denial.


Captain America: Civil War

The movie is reportedly—because yes, this is the level we have reached for movie rumors—146 minutes long, which would make the film the longest Marvel movie. []


Chadwick Boseman says the movie introduces T’Challa as a King and politician first, and a hero second:

You meet me as the Prince of Wakanda. You meet me as a politician/monarch, not as a superhero. It’s not necessarily a transformation. I am just thrown into the mix. To answer your question, yes, I am already Black Panther.


While Joe Russo discusses the Vision’s journey in the movie:

His arc specifically is about him discovering his limitations. That was a fun conversation, because he sort of projects his own clothing, so it’s an interpretation of his personality.

We always thought about it from the point of view, Vision is thinking about how does he make himself fit in to situations and fit in with people and connect to characters. It’s a very interesting projection. It’s like how anybody chooses to dress. It’s how you want to be or who you think you are.



Here’s a few Team Tony posters—go to the link to see more. [/Film]


Star Wars

The source for this news is British Tabloid The Sun, so treat it with a high quantity of skepticism, but the newspaper reports Disney are planning a further five Star Wars movies beyond Rogue One, Episode VIII and IX, and the Han Solo and Boba Fett spinoff films. This seems quite likely given the success of The Force Awakens, but this is probably still just wild speculation/rumor.


The Mummy

Jake Johnson has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. [The Wrap]

Independence Day: Resurgence

Here’s a new poster for the film. [CBR]


X-Men: Apocalypse

The four horseman star in a new poster for the film. [Coming Soon]


Agents of SHIELD

Civil War might not have any oblique references to the show, but Clark Gregg says the show is definitely planning its own tie-in episode for the film, looking to play on divides between the Inhumans and Humans on the team:

There’s a desire to welcome people; Coulson certainly lives on both sides of that fence because he loves Daisy, and yet she’s changed. There is something between them in that they’re not essentially the same species anymore, in a way. I love that it’s written in a way where it exists on that kind of familial microcosmic level, and at the same time the world is splitting that way. It’s certainly something that’s going to play out more on our show: the division, the trust.

I suspect that a similar version will play out in the cinematic universe with ‘Civil War.’ That’s not a spoiler, I don’t know anything. We’re going to do our version on our show, and I’m sure they’ll be tackling something similar.



You, Me, And The Apocalypse

Bad news: this British-produced show, which recently started airing on NBC, will not return for a second season. [Radio Times]


Into the Badlands

Time for good news! AMC has confirmed this martial-arts series will return for season two next year.


Legends of Tomorrow

A gallery of images from “Night of the Hawk” has been released—go to the link to see more. [CBR]



Finally, a new teaser video based on the recently revealed costume updates for Daredevil, Elektra, and Punisher has been released.


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Captain America: Civil War.


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