Is there any such a thing as being too paranoid when you work at Warehouse 13?

Last night's Warehouse 13 was a Pete-centric episode, which could have been pretty horrifying. But it was actually a pretty fun episode — especially the first half, in which we got to see Pete being both paranoid and competent. Spoilers!


There are a couple things about the first half of last night's episode that I really liked — one was Pete's visible discomfort with keeping secrets from his friends. Eddie McClintock did a good job of selling the idea that trust, and being trustworthy, are important to Pete, and he's out of his element when he tries to keep the rest of the gang out of the loop. And the other thing was seeing Pete turn out to be quite competent at figuring out stuff about Malone, the bad security guard, on his own, while staying a step ahead of Myka and the rest.

I'm still not completely convinced that Mark Sheppard isn't evil. I mean, all you have to do is watch Supernatural or The Middleman, among other things, to know that you have to keep an eye on that one. Not to mention the way he regularly stabbed Mal in the back on Firefly. Pete may have been wrong about the details, but that doesn't mean that Mark Sheppard doesn't usually have something up his sleeve. Just saying.


Anyway, where was I before I got sidetracked by the badness of Mark Sheppard? Oh... yeah. So paradoxically, seeing Pete fall apart a bit showed us that even though he's sort of a yappy dog sometimes, he's still a really good guy who places a premium on trustworthiness, plus he does still have mad skills. And it's nice that someone remembered that Myka's supposed to be the anal, procedure-oriented one, with her whole bulletin board full of carefully labeled photos.

The second half of the episode, once it's clear that Pete's just been driven off his rocker by another artifact, was more straightforward and didn't keep us guessing quite as much. Still unclear on what exactly Artie did to zap Pete back to normal, although I guess it involved Latin music and bright flashes. All told, the first half was pretty great and the second half was still fun. What did you think?

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I think the episode would have been a lot better if the idea of one of the regents being evil was actually true and not some crazy vision.