Is There A Politically Correct Term For "Robot"?

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When the robot revolution comes, you may not find yourself at the end of a pain stick. Instead, the liberated robots could merely insist on a PC name for "robot." What will it be? The Escapist magazine forums have ideas.


It all started when teknoarcanist asked:

So say you're in a futuristic setting. What are some PC terms that you, as a sentient machine, would prefer to be called? (eg. - android) Or would 'robot' about do it?


Not only was I glad he asked that question, as a future friend to liberated robots, but the discussion forum went into overdrive.

Here are some of their suggestions:

* As Bishop in Aliens puts it: 'Artificial Person'.


* Biologically Challenged

* Synthetic? Not too derogatory and makes the difference between people and machines clear.

* If I was anything like I am right now, I'd be fine with being called a robot. I fucking hate PC language.

* Electromechanical Humanoid

* Hmm...'humanoid' might imply aspirations to humanity. A bit like referring to black people as 'non-whites'.


* I believe they would prefer to be called by their first name! For instance, Carl.

* I believe Red vs. Blue put it as "Mechanized American." So yeah that. Unless they're not American.


* Silica animus

* Autonomous Non-Biological Person

* It depends, if I was made out of plastics I would like to be referred to as a Silican, a Silican American, a Silican Briton, etc. If my outer casing (assuming I have one) is made out of metal I'd be a Ferran if it was iron, Coppan if it was Copper etc.


And the list goes on and on. This thread is made of win.

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I hate political correctness. I really do.

I mean, I understand where it comes from and why people use it, but really, it just sanitizes everything so much that there's nothing left but a shallow, idealized image of what was there originally.

I generally consider myself a liberal, but this is one place where I firmly disagree with the rest of the left.