Is There A Giant Robot In Hancock?

First a certain Avenger's shield turned up on Tony Stark's workbench, and now some kind of robot may have reared its metallic head in the middle of a fight scene in Will Smith's drunken superhero movie Hancock. Look at that figure, towering over the crowd in this slightly blurry clip. Is it a Transformer? A generic giant-ish robot? Or just a freakishly tall homeless person? The internet has been wondering. Very minor spoilers ahead.

The folks at Comic Book Movie were intrigued enough to ask:

During the climactic fight scene in the Hancock movie, with all the tornados blowing around, you see something that looks like a transformer, or giant robot walking across the street during the melee. At the time, I past it off as one of the combatants or an illusion because of all the debris flying around, but we've had several emails asking us about it. Does anybody know what it was? And did everybody see it? Tell us!


Sadly, the consensus among Comic Book Movie's readers was that it was just "a guy on stilts-one of those panhandler freaks that are only found in LA." Which raises another question: Is LA really full of panhandlers on stilts? Do they have signs saying things like, "Will Impersonate Giant Robot For Food?" [Thanks to Jake for the heads up.]

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