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Is there a comedy about geeks that gets it right?

Illustration for article titled Is there a comedy about geeks that gets it right?

I think we've talked ad nauseam about how ambivalent we all feel about the "geek humor" in The Big Bang Theory. It's a show that laughs at geeks, but not with them. But are there any comedies that get it right when it comes to geeks, and can get us all laughing along with the heroes?


You can pick a TV show or movie, but please be sure to post images, video, or links so that we can laugh our asses off with you.

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I Am No One

Seriously. I am all four of those men, and my wife is all four of those women. Geeks judge other geeks all the time; getting it right isn't about pretending all Geeks are happy and harmonious, because they are not. And if anyone bothers watching seasons 4-7, they'd know that the show has given us more than a little character development.