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Dan "DaVinci Code" Brown's latest Christian-themed thriller, The Lost Symbol, is about to drop next week. And Washington, D.C., is bracing itself: The city is featured heavily in the novel, which one Brown expert says may involve clones of Jesus.


An article in the Washington Post today warns city residents to prepare for an onslaught of tourist fans to descend on the city seeking clues to the conspiracies that Brown is famous for weaving into his hacky tomes. Publisher Random House has printed 5 million copies for its first run of the novel, the largest print run in the publisher's history. So what can we expect? Freemasons, obviously. And possibly a cloned Christ. According to Dan Brown expert Dan Burstein, who has written about Brown's early research for the novel:

Could he go in the direction of human cloning? Could some Freemasons . . . could they have known something about the cloning? And now we hear that Dan Brown is interested in the [Medieval European mystics] Rosicrucians. So what does that mean? Some theories say the Rosicrucians had a piece of the cross. Maybe if you had bloodstains on some pieces of the cross, you could clone Christ.


Already, people working with Masonic groups are girding their loins for a massive onslaught of conspiracy-crazed fans. Mark Tabbert, director of collections at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, told the Post:

We might have to spend the next 25 years responding to Dan Brown's fiction. That's what I dread.

Who will play Christ's clone in the movie version? That's all I want to know.

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