Sure, we may tease History Channel's UFO Hunters every Monday when we run down the shows you should watch each week on TV, but elsewhere on the internet, fans are wondering what happened to the SciFi Channel's show of the same name, that debuted on the same day and in the same time slot as the History Channel's series, only to disappear immediately afterwards. Is the answer related to the show's poor ratings, or something much more sinister?

Over on the Sci-Fi Channel's message board, it's a struggle of fact versus conspiracy theory. Poster Knight1024 is working in the fact-based arena:

During the week of the pilot's first airing, it received a 0.9 household rating. I'm not sure how that translates to amount of viewers, but Sci Fi usually cancels any show that gets below a 1.0 in the household ratings on average! The following week's ratings were also posted and the second airing of the pilot wasn't even in Sci Fi's top 10 (it must have gotten below a 0.9 rating for that week) . So, the chances of Sci Fi going ahead with the series MAY be slim!!


Meanwhile, on another thread, xExorcistx has a much more worrying theory behind the show's disappearance:

I have a feeling the government made sci-fi cancel the show (just a theory). Sci-fi would probably never admit to this... even if they really were threatened to do so.

The last show I saw was where a patient was put into a hypnotic state and revealed A LOT of information about what happened when he was abducted. As we know, hypnotism helps to reveal what is bothering a patient in their sub-conscious which is true. This is probably why the government felt threatened by the ufo hunters team on sci-fi.

I've been watching ufo hunters on the history channel. But they all probably work for the government and that's why they never reveal any conclusive evidence which is why they are still showing it because they have nothing to lose.


Sci Fi Channel themselves say that their UFO Hunters series is still in development, and that the premiere episode was a one-off teaser meant to whet fans' appetites for the full series. But then, they would say that, wouldn't they?

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