Is The Smurfs the first gay-friendly kids' flick?

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Over at UGO, Jordan Hoffman makes a pretty compelling case for the idea that The Smurfs is a gay-friendly flick that's kid-friendly, too. He notes that many people in the cast are openly gay (Neil Patrick Harris), or openly gay-allied (like Katy Perry, who sings about kissing girls). The plot revolves around fashion, and features gay icons like Tim Gunn, Paul Reubens, Joan Rivers and Alan Cumming.

Does this mean that gay parents finally have a movie they can enjoy with their kids? Not according to the director.

Smurfs director Raja Gosnell told Hoffman:

That absolutely is not something we tried to do. We cast Neil Patrick Harris because he's an amazingly gifted actor. There's not a lot of actors that can act opposite a Smurf and make it absolutely believable and absolutely charming. That is the sole reason we cast him. There was no effort to sneakily attract the gay crowd. We strictly cast on ability and talent. Tim Gunn exists because the movie takes place in a fashion world and who better to be the face of that world than Tim Gunn? He's fantastic on his show, everyone knows him, everyone loves him, he's a complete gentleman in real life and, by the way, he's a good actor and hysterically funny!


So true.

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How's it gay friendly? Because it has gay actors playing straight characters?